June 1st, 2011


Investment funding of US $1,500,000 is currently needed in order to pay for final picture and sound edits, the conversion of NA NAI'A LEGEND OF THE DOLPHINS to 3-D and for the cost of prints and advertising for the US and Canadian release of the film. 3-D is the latest trend and for a documentary film such as this to be widely distributed, it needs to be converted to 3-D. We have interest from distributors in the US, Germany, France, Russia, Sweden and Japan who would like to distribute NA NAI'A LEGEND OF THE DOLPHINS in 3-D!

We are currently seeking investors that would benefit from worldwide profit participation on this exciting project, recoupment of investment capital, and receiving the credit in the opening title, on the posters, book, and website as PRESENTER of the film or as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER.

We invite your participation and support in helping to complete this exciting film!

We appreciate your help in investing in this project or putting us in touch with investors to participate on this beautiful film. Your help can really make a difference in encouraging global conservation of the dolphins, the conservation of the oceans on our planet, and in generating substantial revenues from its international distribution. Part of the proceeds of the film will be allocated to non-profit organizations involved in helping the dolphins, whales and the oceans of our planet!

If you are interested in participating as an investor in this film or can refer us to individuals who may support this project, please contact us at at 1-808-756-5540 or 1-808-238-0006 or email us at jk@DolphinMovie.com

Help us to bring this wonderful film and the message of the dolphins to theaters worldwide!